do you have something for that?just ask Alan40 years of experience
as a pharmacist gone natural


did you know pharmacists have been voted the most trusted profession for years ...

 and the most common question asked is ... 


do you have something for that?

well yes i do ... but it's going to be all natural


hello I am Alan Ogden B.Sc.Pharm
(retired) and trained in science, nutrition, and wellness... I have combined the wisdom of the, Pharmaceutical and Natural Health worlds, to bring you a dynamic new service for the times. People consult with me from all over the world for natural solutions to their ailments. Let me share this 40 years of experience with you!

Note: Alan specializes in Prenatal and Children's Supplements!

“do you have something for that?” This question is the MOST asked of me in my over 40 years of working with people and their health. What is interesting is how the intention and context behind the question has changed in those years.

 One of my first memories of Mr. Jack Walker, my friend and mentor in pharmacy, is that people would line up in his store early in the morning. When it was their turn to speak with him almost always they would explain what ache, pain, or concern had brought them there and then ask him: “do you think I should go see the Dr or do you have something for that?” The question would be in asked relation to some over the counter medication or even a home remedy that Mr. Walker might suggest as an alternative to the Dr. I recall many a happy customer heading off, package in hand, relieved that no trip to the Dr was deemed necessary at that time, especially the men!

 As the years have progressed, the question began to relate more to do you have a supplement or some natural health product that could be taken instead of the usual over the counter medication or prescription medication. This change in focus by the customers was one of the driving forces behind my decision to put in a whole line of Natural Health Products on the store shelves in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. It was so rare for a drugstore to stock such things, other than the usual multivitamin products, that I actually had to import the products from outside Canada! 

 Now I get the question "do you have something for that" asked and it means to do you have something that might prevent an occurrence of a health issue? I must say I am pleased by the numbers of people interested in prevention rather than a “cure”. We still have a long way to go on this direction and that the reasoning behind this site.

 I trust you will find this site of great benefit in closing the gap between science, nutrition, and medications that will allow you to achieve significantly more comfort and “living” in your years as opposed to just living for long years. Please go to "What You What You Will Find, What You Won't" now!

To the best of your health, Alan

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